Moonribbon Newfoundlands is situated on the North Shore of Boston in the small town of Topsfield, Massachusetts. We've lived with Newfoundlands since 1989. Our dogs have competed in Obedience, Water Rescue and Draft Work. They have worked as Therapy Dogs and have been involved as Demonstration dogs for Service Dog work. We are members of the Newfoundland Club of America, The Newfoundland Club of New England, The North Shore Kennel Club and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Our dogs Are Naturally Reared in our home using a raw food diet and are treated primarily with Homeopathy. We do however make use of other holistic modalities including Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology. All breeding stock are OFA Certified.

Coming from a long term and varied experience with training all breeds in the areas of functional obedience for pets, competitive obedience and working events with Newfs, to training of Service and Hearing dogs, we can offer our puppy buyers reliable advice and help with any problem solving they may need.

In addition to hands on training of dogs, we also have many years experience in teaching people about training their dogs.

Our introduction to the Newfoundland began when Joseph (Starr King Joseph CD,DD,WRD) came into our lives.

We take the responsibility of breeding very seriously. In fact, we didn't begin breeding until 2001. Only after exhaustive researching, attending educational seminars, consulting with holistic practitioners and practicing the Natural Rearing methods for many years did we feel justified in beginning a breeding program. Supreme health and temperament are our priorities. Structural soundness goes hand in hand with health ,and of course good type and movement are always part of the equation.

Our hope is that that the dogs we produce will meet or exceed our expectations. Some will take their places as healthy, long-lived companions, while others will go on to produce more quality Newfoundlands for the future of the breed.

I'd like to extend my gratitude to Sally Gosman of Rocky Harbour Newfoundlands who has been my mentor in the Newfoundland World. Sally has shared her vast knowledge freely with me over the years. In 1999 she entrusted Clancy, Rocky Harbour Clancy's Dream, to me so that I could begin my journey into breeding.  Clancy has been a gift, an unforgettable dog.

Moonribbon Newfoundlands would like to announce our First Champion!
CH. Moonribbon's Let' Em'Tawk - "Carley".  Owned and handled by Sally Gosman, Callicoon, NY
Congratulations Sally and Carley!
Updated September 3, 2012

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