We believe that the process of moving our dogs toward better health is three-fold - appropriate diet, elimination of vaccinations and the use of Classical Homeopathy to peel away the layers of chronic disease that we as well as our animals are dealing with.

We feed a prey model raw, a species appropriate diet endorsed by Dr. Tom Lonsdale. Over-vaccination of our companion animals has created untold and long lasting negative effects. Much of the damage has not even been recognized by the veterinary community. The use of Classical Homeopathy is the only modality that can address vaccinosis, that is the disease and dysfunction brought on by vaccination.

We educate our puppy buyers about Natural Rearing methods and ask that they do their own research as well so that they can begin their journey with one of our pups as enlightened and confident as possible about the care they will give and request from the professionals who also care for their dogs.

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